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TULSA, Okla. – Cherokee Nation has launched an online news site that makes information about current events within the Cherokee Nation more easily accessible to Cherokee citizens, the public and traditional media outlets.

The website, named “Anadisgoi” (A-NA’-di-s-go-I’), is the phonetic version of a Cherokee word used by many to simply describe “the news.” According to the Cherokee Nation education department, the more literal translation is “what people are saying.”

Oral traditions have always been an important part of the Cherokee Nation as a way to both inform and entertain, so it is fitting to name the site Anadisgoi.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for Cherokee citizens to find information about the tribe,” said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker. “This website is cutting edge and provides valuable information about the Cherokee Nation, its businesses and the Cherokee people. While communicating to citizens, it also provides media with easy access to share our news.”

Each story on Anadisgoi features more photo options, print, audio, video and social media elements, all of which is downloadable for the public. The site was built by the staff at Cherokee Nation Businesses, and all content is generated by current communications employees at Cherokee Nation and CNB. A blog section authored by employees helps share even more compelling stories about the tribe and personal stories about the people whose hard work makes the Cherokee Nation successful.

Anadisgoi helps strengthen the Cherokee Nation’s relationship with traditional media outlets by providing better, more diverse content and making it more accessible.

News is broken down by category at the top of the page. The “government” tab is Cherokee Nation news. “Culture” is information about Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism and the Cherokee Heritage Center. “Business” is the latest news for CNB’s non-gaming and government contracting businesses. “Entertainment” is all things casino related and musical acts coming to The Joint. The archive is a dated list of all content, which can also be accessed by doing a keyword search on any page. “More” includes employee blogs, About Us and media galleries from recent stories.

Visit the news website at

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