Barbecued Fish

From the historic Indian-Pioneer Papers.

Bean Bread

Here's a modern recipe for a very old Cherokee food.


Cooking is an important part of life for the Cherokee woman. Not only is it necessary for nourishment, for life; it is part of the social fabric of the Cheokee people.

Fried Hominy

Hominy was a staple food for many years and is enjoyed today in specialty recipes such as this one.

Fry Bread

Although not uniquely Cherokee, fry bread is a staple with most Indians. Different tribes make the bread in different ways; this recipe is for a version common in most Cherokee communities.

How Salt Was Made

From the Indian-Pioneer Papers, a look at how salt use to be made by the Cherokee

How the Elders Cooked

From the Indian-Pioneer Papers, a look at cooking in the earlier days of Cherokee Nation.


Kanuchi is considered to be a delicacy among the Cherokee. Hickory nuts are gathered in the fall and allowed to dry for a few weeks before the kanuchi making begins.

More About Cherokee Cooking

More great information from the Indian-Pioneer Papers.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Traditional dishes found at a Cherokee Thanksgiving Dinner

Wild Onions and Scrambled Eggs

Traditionally the big meal of springtime, wild onions are harvested and fed to families all over the Cherokee Nation in this national dish.